Joint action plan mooted to decongest Thamarassery pass



A joint action plan will be prepared soon with the support of Kozhikode and Wayanad district administrations as part of the efforts to decongest the Thamarassery Ghat Road. Revenue Department sources confirm that the Collectors of both the districts will hold a preliminary discussion to explore possible solutions and make the mountain pass a travel-friendly route for ordinary vehicles and emergency service operators.

The main proposal under consideration now is regulating the entry of goods-laden trucks and multi-axle vehicles which create moving bottlenecks on hairpin curves. Other than imposing a blanket ban, a convenient timing for their entry without disturbing the traffic flow will also be discussed.

As the major portion of the ghat road comes under the jurisdiction of the Kozhikode district, the district administration here is expected to make the intervention in addressing the issue. The Kozhikode rural police and the highway patrol squad will have crucial role in implementing the decisions. They will also be invited to make their suggestions. 

Members of the Thamarasery Ghat Road Protection Committee say the route has been a headache for emergency vehicles because of unexpected traffic snarls. During rainy seasons and festival times, the route continues to pose problems for motorists in the absence of scientific traffic regulations, they point out.

Committee members also claim that the presence of police for traffic rule enforcement is minimal on several stretches that prompt motorists to park their vehicles in unpermitted locations. There should be better efforts on the part of the police to book rash drivers and violators of lane traffic discipline, they demand.

Meanwhile, police officers from Thamarassery say the diversion of traffic, especially heavy vehicles, via Kuttiyadi pass is one of the practical options to decongest the Thamarassery Ghat Road. According to them, the only obstruction for it is the poor condition of the road, which will have to be addressed first. 


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