Surprise beer card


South’s opening bid in today’s deal was incredibly light, even by third seat standards – or should we say lack of standards. It served a purpose, however, as East-West can make four hearts on this lie of the cards and they were intimidated from competing strongly. The seven of diamonds is known as the “beer card”. Some young players have a little extra fun at the table by agreeing to buy their partner a beer if he can arrange to take the last trick with the seven of diamonds in a non-diamond contract.

The king of hearts lead held the first trick and West shifted to the jack of diamonds. South won with dummy’s ace and ruffed a heart in hand. A diamond to the ace was followed by another heart ruff and South exited with a low diamond. West shed a low club as East ruffed with the four of spades. East led a trump, which South won with his ace to lead another diamond. West discarded another club as dummy ruffed successfully with the jack of spades.

South exited dummy with a trump to West, who cashed his last trump and then had to lead a club to South’s king. Declarer had carefully discarded the eight of diamonds on the last trump, so he was able to take his eighth trick with the seven of diamonds.

“Beer please,” shouted North, reaching for his wallet. He could not have been more delighted.

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