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A molecular biologist from Madurai, our quizmaster enjoys trivia and music, and is working on a rock ballad called ‘Coffee is a Drink, Kaapi is an Emotion’. @bertyashley

Easy like Sunday morning: Toy story 2!

A shopkeeper waits for customers at Channapatna toys showroom in Bengaluru.


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This toy was born on March 9, 1959 when Ruth Handler was watching her daughter play with a paper doll of an infant. She had the idea to give it an adult role, an idea that many didn’t like. Eventually it was released to the public and became a huge hit. Another innovation was that the doll had a twistable waist, designed by Pentagon missile designer Jack Ryan. Which toy was this that was named after Ruth’s daughter?

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Asharikandi is a village in Assam that is known for its terracotta toys. The name comes from the words Ashar (the third month in the Assamese calendar) and Kandi (to shed tears). There is a natural phenomenon, which plays a huge role in helping them make these toys. What is this phenomenon that makes the ground perfect for making terracotta toys?

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This toy came into existence because Mattel missed a chance to work with Star Wars, and saw the millions its merchandise made. They needed a toy fast, that was both simple and easily made. They even came up with the most generic name for it. What toy is this that eventually became the Master of the Universe?

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This toy manufacturer is the answer to an oft-repeated question in pub quizzes: ‘Who is the world’s largest manufacturer of tires?’ Since 2011, this company has been in the Guinness World Records, making more than 300 million tires a year, a massive 100 million more than its closest competitor Michelin. What company is this that makes tires for everything from a spacecraft to the batmobile?

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This toy was originally created by Cleo McVicker to clean wallpaper in the 1930s, when most homes were heated by coal that left behind a soot residue. By the 1950s, this changed with the advent of vinyl wallpaper that could be cleaned with soap and water, and gas heating. McVicker’s son saw that the non-toxic mouldable putty could be made in different colours and marketed to kids. What popular toy did this wallpaper cleaner become?

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One of the most prolific toy industries is the town of Channapatna in Karnataka. Legend has it that a certain ruler once received a wooden toy as a gift from Persia, which he loved. So he invited Persian artisans to come to his kingdom and teach the craft to his people. Since then, this has been the livelihood of many artisans in the area, but sales have been curtailed by the recent construction of the Bangalore-Mysore highway. Which ruler was responsible for the existence of these wonderful toys?

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English cartographer John Spilsbury intended to teach geography by cutting maps into pieces and asking his students to rearrange them. In 1766, he affixed a map onto a wood piece, carved out individual countries and called them ‘dissected maps’. He realized people might use this not just for education but entertainment as well, and he started making different themes. These were the very first examples of what popular game

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This toy was invented in 1817 by Scottish inventor David Brewster after he conducted experiments in light polarization by successive reflections. He named the device using three words from ancient Greek for ‘beautiful’, ‘shape’ and ‘to look to’. What is the name of this simple yet fun optical toy?

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American President Theodore Roosevelt was on a hunting trip for a certain type of animal in Mississippi but failed to spot even one. His assistants found one, tied it to a tree and asked him to shoot it. He refused to do so, saying it was unsportsmanlike. This made the news and soon, toy stores started selling replicas of the animal with his nickname affixed to it. What toy is this the history of?

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Ernő ____ is a Hungarian professor of architecture. He became famous for inventing a toy that took on his name. Some of his famous quotes about his toy are: “A good puzzle, it’s a fair thing. Nobody is lying. It’s very clear, and the problem depends just on you”. “If you are curious, you’ll find the puzzles around you. If you are determined, you will solve them”. What did he invent?


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