State-specific energy efficiency action plan on the anvil



Work is expected to kick off soon on the preparation of a ‘State-specific energy efficiency action plan’ (SEEAP) for Kerala as part of a national-level framework on energy efficiency promoted by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE).

An important feature of SEEAP is that it will have sector-wise energy efficiency targets that are set in consultation with the State government. The preparation of the action plan gains significance at a time when Kerala is simultaneously battling a coal crisis-induced power shortage and a sharp rise in energy demand in multiple sectors.

In February this year, the BEE had written to the States recommending the creation of SEEAP with sector-wise targets. The BEE has identified the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) for preparing the plan in the tate. In April, the State Power Department issued orders appointing the Director, Energy Management Centre, Kerala, (EMC), as the ‘nodal point’ for ensuring the timely preparation of the action plan. The agencies are expected to hold their first meeting this month, EMC officials said.

BEE will assist the states in preparing the state-specific plan and achieving targets. ”The SEEAP will be aligned towards achieving a common target of energy intensity and emission reduction to achieve the defined targets and will be developed by identification of focus sector, to ensure that the allocation of resources is as per the requirement of the state,” the Power Department noted in an order issued in April.

EMC, which is a State government agency, is engaged in promoting energy efficiency in different sectors in the State, including households, industry, and the farm sector. In Kerala, the transport sector is expected to emerge as a focus area for energy efficiency with the growing emphasis on e-mobility.

Kerala had stood fourth in ‘Energy Efficiency’ and fifth in ‘Clean Energy Initiatives’ among the big states as per the State Energy and Climate Index (Round 1) published by the NITI Aayog last month.


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