OnePlus brings stand out design to the table with OnePlus 10R


Smartphone design today is literally a sea of sameness. You can guess what most phones look like even before you open the package or have even clapped eyes on them. There will be the candy bar from factor, there will be a tall display with bezels shaved off, there will be a glossy or a matter black in those predictably “regular” colours with perhaps a matte or glossy texture (perhaps a touch of a gradient finish) and there will be multiple cameras protruding from the back. Unless of course, you are talking of OnePlus. The Never Settling brand has been bucking smartphone trends and doing this very differently from the day it came into existence.

With its first phone itself, the brand surprised the world with a “sandstone finish” back, unlike anything people had seen. It also showed folks that the humble charging cable could be a design icon – today, everyone in the tech world can identify if a OnePlus phone has been plugged into a power outlet by just a look at its trademark red cable. OnePlus has since continued to innovate on the design front, bringing ceramic backs and frosted glass finishes to its phones, and even doing special editions that stood out from the routine flagship crowd. The brand has a way of adding elements to product design without ever compromising on its essential premium feel – the Steve Harrington inspired TWS and fitness band are prime examples. They came with cartoons made all over them and yet felt incredibly classy and premium. That’s the OnePlus way, reflected by its burdenless, unified and stylish design philosophy.

It is this design philosophy that has delivered perhaps the most outstanding flagship device in design terms this year – the OnePlus 10R. At a time when most phones are broad carbon copies of each other, the OnePlus 10R steps away from the style clone army. And it does so without any gimmickry or compromising on OnePlus’ legendary premium feel and elegant finish. The back of the phone seems to almost have a river of slim vertical lines running from the camera enclosure to the base of the phone, giving it a dual-textured look. OnePlus worked on a nano-level dot matrix arrangement to come up with this sublime pattern. That arrangement is not just about appearance, though – it also makes the back resistant to one of a phone’s worst enemies in terms of appearance: fingerprints. Opt for the Forest Green if you wish to show off that pattern on the back, or go with the more subtle Sierra Black if you want people to see it only at close quarters.

The phone also boasts an impressive front with a brilliant and colourful 6.7 inch full HD+ fluid AMOLED display with 120 Hz refresh rate, and hardly any bezels to get in the way of your viewing experience. The OnePlus 10R also feels extremely comfortable to hold, thanks to its flat sides. These are designed specially to provide improved grip and comfort, even more so when holding the phone in landscape mode – something so many of us do while playing games or watching shows or films.

It goes without saying that any one who gets a OnePlus 10R is bound to do a lot of gaming and content consumption, because the phone is a multimedia monster. It comes with excellent stereo speakers and is powered by a MediaTek Dimensity 8100-MAX octa-core chip and comes with up to 12 GB of LPDDR5 RAM, ensuring that it will handle everything from casual web browsing to intense Call of Duty sessions to Netflix binge-watching. What’s more, it will let you do so for hours at a stretch, thanks to a large 4500 mAh or 5000 mAh battery (depending on the variant you choose) that keeps it ticking smoothly. And if you do run out of charge and have opted to the 150W SUPERVOOC Endurance Edition of the phone, you will discover that it takes a mere 17 minutes to completely charge the phone.

OnePlus’ design expertise can be gauged by the fact that all this is packed inside a frame that is a mere 8.2 mm thin, and weighs a surprisingly light 186 grams, slimmer and lighter than many others. The OnePlus 10R runs on OxygenOS, which just like the design of the phone, is smooth, comfortable to use and comes with no bells and whistles to distract users.

It oozes class outside and packs in a truckload of processing muscle inside. All of which make the OnePlus 10R a design icon in the smartphone world today. It would be hard to settle for anything else if you are looking for style backed up by a lot of substance!

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