Govt. doctors begin non-cooperation strike



Doctors in State Health Service have once again launched a strike of non-cooperation with the government from May 1, pointing out that the government had violated all promises that had been made to doctors regarding the correction of pay revision anomalies.

In a statement here, Kerala Government Medical Officers’ Association (KGMOA) said that the 11th Pay Commission order which came out in January 2021 had in effect resulted in a reduction in even the basic pay of doctors. And though the doctors had launched agitations on the issue, on all occasions, they had willingly withdrawn the strike after the government promised to set right the pay revision anomalies.

On January 15 this year, following a long period of agitation by doctors, the government had given several assurances in writing to KGMOA that all outstanding issues would be resolved, after discussions with the Finance department.

Some of the issues that the doctors had highlighted included issues regarding time-bound higher grade, 3:1 ratio promotions, increasing the rural and difficult area allowance.

The government had assured doctors that the reduction in basic pay at the entry cadre by ₹8,500 and the reduction in personal pay of doctors who were promoted after 2019 would be taken up with the Finance department and resolved immediately

Doctors are forced to resume their strike as even after three months, the government does not seem to have any intention of fulfilling any of the promises that had been made, KGMOA said in a statement here on Sunday.

KGMOA, in resuming their non-cooperation with the government, has decided to boycott all physical and online meetings, training programmes organised by the Health department as well as VIP duties. Doctors will also stay away from offering their services at the e-Sanjeevani tele medicine platform.

Doctors will not participate in the meetings with local self government bodies or camps/campaigns held outside their institutions.

KGMOA said that it was maintaining utmost restraint so that the public are not denied patient care services and put to difficulties. It demanded that the government fulfill the promises made to the doctors at the earliest so that the doctors are not forced to take their agitation to the next level.

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