Fortum Charge sets up EV charging hub in Bengaluru’s Whitefield



Fortum Charge & Drive India, an electric vehicle charging infrastructure firm, has set up a public EV-charging hub with 50 charging points at the Forum Neighbourhood Mall at Whitefield in the city.

The charging hub would cater to all types of electric cars and is also suitable for 3-wheeler and 2-wheeler vehicles. The facility has ten 60KW CCS charging points, 4 (four) 15 KW DC001 charging points and 36 (thirty-six) 7.4KW Type-2 AC charging points which allow 50 cars to be charged at a time.

“Bengaluru has over 45,000 electric vehicle users, indicating that the demand for EVs is on the rise. Consumer behaviour is likely to be affected by the rising operating costs of ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) automobiles. Karnataka is unquestionably one of the States that is paving the way for electric mobility,’‘ said Arvind Limbavali, MLA, while opening the facility on Thursday.

According to Awadhesh Jha, Executive Director, Fortum Charge & Drive India, the company has plans to install more than 200 charging points in the city by the end of 2022.

“The charging hub at Forum Neighbourhood Mall is the major milestone in Bengaluru in its journey towards electrifying its mobility and ushering into sustainable transportation,’‘ he added.


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