File adalat begins in General Education dept.


Minister for General Education V. Sivankutty inaugurated a file adalat in the General Education department at Pareeksha Bhavan here on Monday.

Following a meeting convened by the Minister in January, details of pending files in the Directorate of General Education and in the districts were collected. As many as 14,966 files were found pending in the directorate. A total of 7,266 files were disposed of first and some more later, taking the files disposed of to 57.5% by March 4.

As many as 13,493 files were pending in offices of the district education officers and 24,786 in the offices of assistant education officers. Of these, 3,585 and 12,371 were disposed of, respectively.

District-level adalats

Steps also under way to conduct district-level adalats to dispose of pending files in the 14 offices of the Deputy Directors of Education.

The Minister said that pendency of files would not be allowed, and department officials should remain alert to this aspect. He also convened a meeting of higher secondary and vocational higher secondary wings in connection with file disposal. As per reports, 6,839 files — 6,330 in higher secondary and 509 in vocational higher secondary — remained pending. An adalat would be held in July to dispose of these files.

Higher secondary section

In the higher secondary academic section, 1,849 files were pending, while in the examination wing, there were 1,861 pending files. A total of 117 files were pending in the finance wing, 13 in the PF wing, 11 in career guidance and adolescent counselling cell and 3,011 in administration wing.

In the VHSE section, as per reports till April 30, a total of 101 files were pending in the academic section, 160 in the curriculum section, 161 in accounts audit, one in finance, and 59 in examination sections.

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