Chemistry teachers in Kerala’s higher secondary schools point out inconsistencies in answer key



A collective of Chemistry teachers in higher secondary schools has pointed out inconsistencies in the finalised answer key that was given to them in the evaluation camps. A large number of them have boycotted the evaluation of answer scripts across districts that began on April 28.

The answer key did not mention the names of those who participated in its finalisation, said the teachers. Questions in separate sections have not been marked and maximum score in each section has not been noted. Question numbers 7 and 26, given in Malayalam, are wrong. The students will not get marks even if they write any of the four options given as answers to question number 13. Answer to question number 18 is either incomplete or is wrong. Question number 19 has sought the chemical equation and explanation for a reaction. That is unnecessary. Answer to question number 22 is wrong in the key and that of question number 24 is incomplete, according to them.

Sources said normally the answer keys for various subjects were finalised after a one-day camp attended by senior teachers from across the State, who suggested changes in the keys prepared by people who set the question papers. The evaluators are given the finalised answer key with modifications or changes. However, this year, for Chemistry, the answer key prepared by the person who set the question paper was retained. The teachers claimed that it happened even after they had pointed out the problems in the question paper and suggested changes in the answer key to help students.

One of the teachers who participated in the finalisation of the Chemistry answer key told The Hindu on Saturday that the students would stand to lose at least 18 marks if the unmodified answer key was retained. The teacher also claimed that there was a “caucus” in the Education department which indirectly wanted to reduce the pass percentage of Plus Two students following State syllabus. He alleged that the officials had misled General Education Minister V. Sivankutty.


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