Building to be taken down for Crown project



Within hours of the National Green Tribunal giving conditional assent to the Crown road project, the Auroville Town Development Committee on Monday began taking down a building to clear the right-of-way .

According to a spokesman, there had been a consensus that the building would be removed for the Crown radial road and work was commenced pursuant to the NGT order that permitted action against unauthorised occupations. On the ground, this is the only residential building identified on the Crown alignment for removal. Due process was followed and alternative accommodation was also provided to the occupant, the spokesman added.

However, the occupant said she was taken aback by the sudden deployment of a bulldozer to bring down the residence on Monday evening. “The decision to relocate was agreed upon as we were operating with a temporary no-objection certificate. But, the understanding with the TDC was that we would be given sufficient notice and be allowed to dismantle the structure ourselves so that some material could be reused. They came with no warning, without any planning of what could be saved for reuse. That’s what is so crazy,” the resident said.


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