Bored of Wordle? Check out Knotwords, a new word puzzle game



2022 was the year when Wordle became a daily routine for many of us. The five-letter word puzzle was officially the first viral trend on Twitter for the year with many users posting their daily Wordle score. The game was then acquired by The New York Times and is now part of the NYT Games feature. But if you are bored of Wordle now and are looking for another word puzzle to play, Knotwords is the one you should try. The game is available as an app on Android, iOS, Mac and Steam (PC). It also has the approval of Josh Wardle, the creator of Wordle.

Knotwords is a crossword-like puzzle game, but there are no clues unlike a typical crossword. The only hints are the letters, which are part of some blocks on the columns and rows.

According to its creators Zach Gage and Jack Schlesinger, the rules are simple. Users just have to “arrange the letters in each section so every word is valid, across and down.” The creators note that while the puzzles might seem difficult, it “gets easier as you progress,” and “each step guides you naturally towards the solution.”

In fact, Wardle even retweeted the developer Zach Gage’s tweet and praised the game, calling it an ‘elegant daily word game,’ which has “clearly been built with a great deal of thought and care.”

Check out Wardle’s tweet below

What is Knotwords, how to play?

Knotwords has several Wordle quizzes in a crossword form. There are some alphabets that are part of the word block. These are hints that users can rely on when guessing the word for a particular row or column. Users need to form a word for each row and column. But to complete the Knotword puzzle, one has to ensure that the way the words are aligned all make a valid English word across the entire row or column. It is easier said than done and given the slightly tricky task, it takes some time in figuring out the best word to fit in a particular row.

Knotwords, What is Knotwords game, Knotwords game, Knotwords Wordle The trick in Knotwords is that each of these rows are connected and all the words need to be connected to the other one.

Knotwords offers a hint if you get stuck in the middle of the game. But each hint means a three-minute time penalty which is added to the player’s stats.

The game offers the option of playing the daily classic where you can see the puzzles of the past three days. In order to access the archive and play previous puzzles, you will need to pay and subscribe. The subscription costs Rs 469 per year on iOS or you can pay Rs 1,099 in one go and purchase it for life.

Check out the YouTube clip below to know how to play the game

Cost on Android, other platforms

The game is available on Steam (Mac/PC) for $4.99 a year or a one-time purchase of $11.99. On the Android store, it has a 10 per cent discount, which makes the price at Rs 359. The full version gives you access to old Knotwords archives, hints, personal stats, as well as colour themes.

Let us know if you plan to try out Knotwords.

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