All efforts on to secure nurse’s release, says Jaishankar



The Union government will reach out to community organisations in Yemen besides exploring legal means to secure the release of Nimishapriya, the Keralite nurse sentenced to capital punishment in the country in a murder case, Minister for External Affairs S. Jaishankar has informed John Brittas, MP.

Replying to a plea by Mr. Brittas to facilitate interactions with the Yemen government and influential persons in the region, Mr. Jaishankar said the lawyer appointed by the Union government would file a further appeal in the Supreme Court of Yemen.

Tribal custom

“The possibility that tribal custom and traditions may offer relief is also being explored in cooperation with community organisations,” he said. On March 7, 2022, the appellate court in Yemen had confirmed the death sentence awarded to Nimishapriya by the lower court.

In his letter, Mr. Brittas said the Save Nimishapriya International Action Council was trying to raise the blood money for her release. Noting that Nimishapriya was not given the opportunity to defend herself and prove that she was a victim of circumstances, he said the chance of getting a relief from the Supreme Judicial Council headed by the President of Yemen was bleak.

The nurse was arrested and prosecuted in Yemen in August 2017 for allegedly murdering a Yemeni businessman.


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