A range of aesthetic medi-facials introduced in Coimbatore

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Arbutin mask launched by The Thol
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Kongu facial? Intrigued by the name, I head to The Thol skin and dermatological care centre founded by Dr Janani Adityan, a certified dermatologist and cosmetologist. “While the parlour facial uses creams and massages, this is a medically designed one done by a doctor,” assures Dr Janani adding that the medifacials use advance technology, time-tested protocols, and science-based natural products like botanical extracts drawn from pumpkin and papaya.

A deep cleansing follows with pumpkin extracts to ensure uniform exfoliation. “This opens up the skin. Aesthetic medi-facials help improve the skin tone, texture, and collagen production and, thus, slows down ageing process. We us minimal-invasive instruments at every step, like LED light to help dermal neocollagenesis for visible skin improvement. We look beyond the superficial skin,” explains Janani who has just launched launched ‘Let it Glow’ arbutin mask, and a ‘Let it Drink’ hydrating mask. “It’s my baby step in the DIY segment. After repeated trials with varying compositions of bamboo charcoal sheet and essence for the last two years, we have launched it in time for Valentine’s Day themed on love your skin.”

Elaborating on the facial, she says it uses green tea extracts and Vitamin C extracts at various stages to ensure a nourished skin with anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals. Pointing to the growing number of make-up induced acne in youngsters, especially after the pandemic, she says a face wash, moisturiser, sunscreen and anti-ageing(if required) makes up a good skin regime.

Protect your skin

Compared to generic facials, medifacials tend to be focussed towards specific ailments and conditions, like acne, acne scarring, pigmentation, sun damage, dehydration, and also sensitive skin. “Those with sensitive skin need to be cautious while choosing products off the shelf. It’s best to consult a dermatologist. Harmful chemicals exposes the skin to sun damage and acne.”

Dr Janani Adityan at The Thol

Dr Janani Adityan at The Thol
| Photo Credit:
Special Arrangement

Dr Janani will soon introduce introduce new medifacials, including a stem cell one with Vivace Microneedle RF machine, the newest generation of radio frequency micro needling which is FDA-cleared for safety. “The minimally-invasive machine uses gold-coated micro needles. The stem cell facial treatments are done to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and also to improve the clarity of the skin. It uses the patient’s own blood to separate out platelet-rich growth factors which are applied on the face or injected into the skin to allow collagen stimulation and long-lasting results.”

Her advice for better skincare is: “Allow the skin to breathe once you complete a facial and maintain with serum, moisturiser and sunscreen.” She says, there is minimal downtime in medi-facials and I walk away happy with a brighter-looking skin.

The Thol is located at Saibaba Colony. For more details, call 8401455556

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