Work under way on second phase of ghat road at Kondaveedu fort


After a lull caused by the outbreak of the pandemic two years ago, developmental works at the historic Kondaveedu fort have picked up pace.

Nearly four years after a ghat road extending 4.1 km was laid, work on laying the second phase of the ghat road from the fort entrance is under way. The road, extending to 620 metres, is being taken up at a cost of ₹11.80 crore and its construction is expected to be completed by the end of May.

The road would have a metal crash barrier and has a gradient of 1:15. Engineering officials said that the road is being built in such a way that rain tapers easily off the edges.

Kondaveedu Fort Development convener Kalli Siva Reddy, who has been at the forefront of its developmental works for the last 15 years, said that motorists can drive all the way to hill without any hindrance once the construction work is over. The other works, relating to drinking water bores, setting up a cafeteria, toilets and Nakshatra Vanam, would also be taken up shortly, he said.

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