Top Kerala News developments today


Here are the key news developments from Kerala to watch out for today:

1. Vishu celebrations

Keralites will celebrate Vishu today, the advent of the spring harvest season.

2. Good Friday observed

Hundreds of observant Christians re-enacted the “Way of Suffering” to commemorate Jesus Christ’s arduous path to crucifixion on Good Friday. Bishops and priests led the laity in the open-air rite.

3. Congress-affiliated INTUC joins KSRTC strike

INTUC, the Congress-affiliated opposition trade union, joined the CITU in the ongoing strike against the KSRTC management. KSRTC employees are protesting the delay in the disbursal of salary and also the Corporation’s decision to create a separate company

4. Youth dies during selfie shoot near Wagamon waterfall

A 23-year-old Vishu holidayer from Alappuzha, Rohit, drowned while taking a selfie near the Palozhhukum Para waters walls in Wagamon in Idukki.

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