Thieves rent flat above jewellery shop for two months before stealing 5 kg of gold


The JP Nagar police are on the lookout for a gang who rented a house in a building for two months to loot a jewellery shop in the area. They escaped with 5 kg of gold worth ₹2.5 crore. The robbery took place on Sunday night and was meticulously planned. 

Two unidentified accused rented a house on the third floor of the building where the jewellery shop was located. They submitted fake Aadhaar card details to the owner of the house with a Delhi address. “For two months, they kept watch on the jewellery shop noting down the movements of the proprietor and staff. Late on Sunday night, when the area was deserted, the accused used a drilling machine and other equipment to drill a hole into the wall of the shop,” said a police officer.

They did this without arousing the suspicion of anyone in the area. 

The incident came to light on Monday morning when staff arrived to open the shop for business. When they saw that all the jewellery was missing, they immediately alerted the local police. The dog squad and a team from the Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL) were also dispatched to the spot. When the police started questioning residents in and around the jewellery store, they saw that the third floor flat was vacant. When they tried verifying the Aadhaar details they found that the information provided was fake. 

“We have obtained physical descriptions of the accused and are verifying CCTV footage from in and around the area to track them down,” the police officer added. 

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