The making of ‘K.G.F: Chapter 2’: How Bhuvan Gowda handled the pressure


The cinematographer says while ‘K.G.F. Chapter 1’ was a fun project, the film’s success resulted in a few anxious moments during the making of ‘Chapter 2’

The cinematographer says while ‘K.G.F. Chapter 1’ was a fun project, the film’s success resulted in a few anxious moments during the making of ‘Chapter 2’

The verdict is out. K.G.F. Chapter 2 has been declared a hit and is slated to break many box-office records. While credit has rightly gone to Prashanth Neel for his screenplay and direction, cinematographer Bhuvan Gowda has won plaudits for his camera work. K.G.F. Chapter 2 is his third film, following Uggram and K.G.F. Chapter 1. Bhuvan, one of the most sought-after cinematographers in the country, says what matters most is the story. “The rest falls in place. My career in cinema started with Prashanth, with Uggram.”

Bhuvan, who started off as a still photographer for Uggram, says he was shocked when Neel asked him to take over when the original cinematographer quit midway. “I had no background in cinematography. He said he liked the play of light in my photography. I have learnt a lot from him and am comfortable working with him. When Prashanth is helming a project, all I have had to do is follow his guidelines.”

K.G.F was a dream project for the young cinematographer as it presented a chance to work with ‘Rocking Star’ Yash, Achyuth Kumar, Anant Nag and Nagabharana.

With Yash and Prashanth Neel

There is nothing extra in the cinematography, Bhuvan says. “We stuck to the script and did exactly what the story demanded. We used a lot of natural shades and lights. I am not fond of artificial lights. In fact, we have not used any artificial lights even in outdoor shoots for K.G.F. Natural lighting and framing is my strength and that is what I have played upon for this film.”

Cinematography was never on his mind, Bhuvan says. “I was working in a watch repair shop, where I met a friend who was interested in photography. I was curious, took to photography and decided to make a living out of it. It was by chance that I was chosen as a still photographer for Uggram.”

During the shoot

During the shoot

About the overwhelming response to the film, Bhuvan says. “We knew we had a great Kannada film, but did not know that it would become a pan-India film. With K.G.F. Chapter 2 expectations are high and all of us were slightly nervous. Suddenly, we felt all eyes were upon us. We wanted every scene to surpass Chapter 1.”

Praising the cast for giving up five years of their lives to the project, Bhuvan says it was easy for him as a cinematographer to work on one significant project at a time. “I believe in doing a handful of films rather than work on a hundred mediocre films.”

Next up is Salaar, featuring Prabhas. “The crew is the same as K.G.F.”

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