‘Story comes first for me’: Author Archana Sarat on penning Sleeping Dogs

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Author Archana Sarat’s latest book Sleeping Dogs is a crime-thriller revolving around 21-year-old Aarna suffering from recurring, paralysing nightmares about her mother who died by suicide 15 years ago. Intrigued by her childhood, of which she has no recollection, she sets out to learn the reason behind her mother’s suicide.

Actor Raadhika Sarathkumar attended the book launch which took place on December 15 at the Belstead Hotel, Chennai. Talking about her process of writing the book, Archana Sarat mentions she had been working on Sleeping Dogs for almost five years.

“I had started writing Sleeping Dogs before Birds of Prey. It took a long period of rewriting ,” added Archana. “The research process was a lengthy one as I had to research a lot about sicknesses, blood groups, and medical procedures.”

Actor R Sarathkumar adapted Archana’s first book, Birds of Prey, as a TV Show, Irai.

“In all my books, there is a message or theme along with it, but when I write my story, I do not solely focus on them,” she said. “Story comes first for me, not the message or theme.”

Having started off writing flash fiction stories on Facebook titled ‘Saturday Shots’, Archana later started writing for the Free Press Journal’s Sunday Literature section before signing with Readomania, where she has published her books.

She has also started a writer’s studio, Read Write Inspire, to increase productivity and improve writing skills of up-and-coming writers. “Authors often get no guidance. That is one reason for starting Read Write Inspire,” said Archana.

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