Some relief from heatwave likely 


The Indian Meteorological Department on Monday said that there has been an abatement of heatwave conditions across most parts of the country, including Delhi.

Maximum temperatures are likely to fall by three to four degrees during the next three days over most parts of northwest India. It will rise, thereafter.

The fall in temperatures has been attributed to the thunderstorm/gusty winds that have been blowing across the region.

The maximum temperature in Delhi on Monday was 40.8 degrees Celsius which was two degrees warmer than the normal for the season. The forecast for Tuesday reads “partly cloudy sky with maximum and minimum temperatures hovering between 40 and 27 degrees Celsius”.

Dust storms are expected in the city on May 4 and 5 which will keep the temperature in check, after which it is likely to rise again.

The IMD has said that in May, both the maximum and minimum temperatures are likely to be above normal in northwest India, making for a hot summer before the monsoon arrives.

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