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It starts with a pinch of salt and ends with a gorgeous qubani trifle. In short, it is a marriage of traditional food with a modern touch for the sweet end. Such is the iftar at ITC Kohenur . 

To make this Ramzan season special, the Food and Beverage team at Kohenur put their heads together to help food lovers sample tradition, savour authenticity and learn a thing or two about Hyderabadi dishes (apart from biryani). Wondering why I did not mention haleem? The haleem that comes in the main course at Kohenur has its own story to tell. 

Chicken Korma
| Photo Credit: Special arrangement

To show the tradition of breaking the fast during Ramzan, Chef Amer Jamal decided to narrate the tradition and simple rules that devout observers of the roza (fast) follow. Executive chef Shivneet Pohoja said it was the team’s idea to make the Ramzan fest a narration of tradition with the food. 

This year Kohenur’s Ramzan fest is focussing not just on meats, but also offers fish and prawns


| Photo Credit: Special arrangement

After the customary fruits and dates and starters, finally the much-awaited dish, the haleem, arrives. Explaining its speciality, chef Shivneet shares the source of the recipe and reveals that the hotel follows the Salar Jung family recipe. He says “the cuisine consultant is one of the safe keepers of authentic Hyderabadi cuisine. The lady revealed to us that the haleem recipe she brought in was from the Salar Jung family.”

How different in taste is it from others? First, it is finer and smoother in texture yet meaty. One savours not just the aroma but the sweet and saltiness of desi ghee as well . However, one will not find it oozing melted ghee on the surface. In other words it is subtly spiced and yet flavourful.    

The haleem is followed by much loved chogra, a Deccani style leafy, vegetable preparation with breads, meat curries and biryani.

Qubani trifle

Qubani trifle
| Photo Credit: Prabalika M Borah

At the end came the traditional Hyderabadi dessert qubani ka meetha with a modern touch — qubani trifle . A dessert where the sweetness from the qubani (apricot) is beautifully balanced with French vanilla and sponge cake.

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