Random audit of registered papers by Tamil Nadu Accounant-General exposes huge loss


Discrepancies detected despite 100% verification by internal auditors of Registration Department

Discrepancies detected despite 100% verification by internal auditors of Registration Department

A random check of registered documents by the Accountant-General, Tamil Nadu, has exposed a huge revenue loss to the State exchequer.

The irregularity was detected even after 100% verification of all registered documents by the internal auditors of the Registration Department.

Referring to a sample check of documents registered in Chennai and its suburbs by the Accountant-General, which revealed losses to the tune of ₹4.5 crore, a top official of the Registration Department expressed concern that had the internal auditors done their work properly, the objections flagged by the Accountant-General’s office could have been avoided.

In a note to all DIGs of Registrations, District Registrars (Audit) and Sub-Registrars, the official said the objections were found to be valid.

The discrepancies resulting in a revenue loss were found in 10% of the registered documents taken up for the random check. Though the internal auditors do not agree with audit objections, the anomalies pointed out in the latest report were valid.

“Had the Accountant-General not done the sample check, the discrepancies and the revenue loss would have gone unnoticed,” the official said. The District Registrars (Audit) and other officials were told to ensure that such irregularities did not occur in future and warned of disciplinary action under the Tamil Nadu Civil Services (Discipline & Appeal) Rules in the event of dereliction on their part.

Stamp fee anomaly

According to an official of the Department of Registration, anomaly in the fixation of stamp fee was one of the main reasons for the revenue loss.

“If a 10% random check of documents registered between 2014 and 2019 in Chennai and neighbouring districts has revealed a ₹4.5-crore loss, then the quantum of such losses across the State could run into several crores of rupees,” the official added.

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