Precaution dose: Service charge cannot exceed ₹150, says Health Ministry


Private centres must declare price per dose chargeable by them on Co-WIN, it says

Private centres must declare price per dose chargeable by them on Co-WIN, it says

Private COVID vaccination centres are required to maintain their sites as per the guidelines issued by the Health Ministry and can collect a maximum of ₹150 as service charge for vaccination over and above the cost of the vaccine. Healthcare and frontline workers and citizens aged 60 years or more shall continue to receive precaution dose vaccination at any CVC, including free of charge vaccination at government vaccination centers, the Health Ministry said on Saturday.

It said no fresh registrations would be required for precaution dose as all due beneficiaries are already registered on CoWIN, adding that all vaccinations must mandatorily be recorded on the platform and both the options of “online appointment” and “walk–in” registration and vaccination will be available at private Covid care centres .

Both vaccines — Covishield and Covaxin — will be available for ₹225 per dose in the private COVID care centres.

Adar Poonawalla CEO, Serum Institute of India (SII) tweeted on Saturday: “SII has decided to revise the price of Covishield vaccine for private hospitals from ₹600 to ₹225 per dose.” Suchitra Ella, co–founder and Joint Managing Director, Bharat Biotech, also tweeted: “We have decided to revise the price of Covaxin from ₹1,200 to ₹225 per dose for private hospitals.”

Health Secretary Rajesh Bhushan said the precaution dose will be of the same vaccine administered in the first and second doses. The Ministry had organised an orientation meeting of the Health Secretaries of States/UTs earlier this week on precaution dose for 18–59 years old population at private CVCs.

“Detailed orientation of State officials was done on various new provisions made on CoWIN platform for the expansion of eligible population for precaution dose and also correction of vaccination certificates by citizens,’’ said the Ministry.

It said the States and the Union Territories were also advised to accelerate the administration of ongoing free COVID-19 vaccination with the first and second doses to 12+ years population and optimal administration of precaution dose for healthcare, frontline workers and those over 60 years at government centres.

The Health Ministry has said private centres must declare the price per dose chargeable by them on Co-WIN, in accordance with the prices declared by the manufacturers and the guidance of the Ministry with respect to the service charges. Also they must declare their correct stocks of vaccines on Co-WlN and must use the procurement module of Co-WlN for vaccine stocks.

It said the Co-WlN system shall send SMS to all citizens eligible for precaution dose based on the details of earlier vaccinations recorded in it A confirmation SMS is sent by the Co-WlN system immediately after successful recording of vaccination events to the mobile number used for vaccination of citizens.

The verifier/vaccinator must confirm if the citizen has received the confirmation SMS and the verifier/vaccination must generate the certificate of the beneficiary and provide it to the beneficiary.

“The details of precaution dose vaccination would be reflected by the Co-WlN system in the certificate. Beneficiaries can also download the updated certificate themselves by logging in to the Co-WlN system or through Digi-locker or Arogya Setu and other existing applications,’’ said the Ministry.

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