Peruvayal launches e-literacy campaign


For most people under 30 years of age, using information technology to avail of government services online has become a part of their life. But those from a generation before them are still learning the ropes. Peruvayal panchayat in Kozhikode district has come up with a solution to this issue.

“We plan to make sure that at least one person in every household knows how to use mobile phones to avail of government services, especially those provided by the panchayat, online,” said M.K. Suhrabi, president of the panchayat. They should be educated to download birth and death certificates and other documents, besides paying their taxes and bills, she added. At present, people depend on Akshaya centres or internet cafes for such services.

The panchayat is joining hands with the Department of Computer Science at St. Joseph’s Devagiri College in Kozhikode to implement the campaign which, if executed successfully, will make Peruvayal the first complete e-literate panchayat in the State by June this year.

Peruvayal has 22 wards and a population of around 56,000 in around 12,000 households. The panchayat is mainly targeting women of the household, since children and men are often well aware of technology. Neighbourhood groups will be formed in all the wards where around 100 students from Devagiri College will carry out training for select members from each household. They are also preparing a software for the purpose.

The campaign will start in May soon after the panchayat finishes its complete-pension campaign, which is progressing well.

President of Kunnamangalam Block Panchayat Babu Nellooli launched the campaign on Sunday.

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