Notice to official in accordance with rules, says KSEB


The KSEB Officers’ Association (KSEBOA) president M. G. Suresh Kumar was served a notice for unauthorised use of the company vehicle in accordance with the rules, the Kerala State Electricity Board (KSEB) said on Friday.

A show-cause notice was served on Mr. Suresh Kumar, an executive engineer with the KSEB, on the basis of investigations by the Chief Vigilance Officer of the KSEB and the Director (Finance). There is no evidence of any order issued by the KSEB to provide a vehicle to Mr. Suresh Kumar. Neither does the KSEB have any order issued by the State government permitting him to do so, the KSEB said in a Facebook post.

The KSEB has sought an explanation from Mr. Suresh Kumar regarding the ”unauthorised” use of company vehicle during his tenure as Additional Private Secretary to former Electricity Minister M. M. Mani. He has also been asked to remit ₹6.72 lakh or face recovery of the amount in 12 installments from his salary.

Only government secretaries, department heads, private secretaries of Ministers, district collectors and senior police officers are permitted to use the official vehicles to travel to their places of residence, the KSEB noted.

The KSEB also countered the stand taken by Mr. Suresh Kumar and the KSEBOA that the KSEB has no jurisdiction in this matter since he was on deputation to the Minister’s staff. The KSEB argues that its action is justifiable under Section 20 of the Kerala Civil Services (Classification, Control & Appeal) Rules, 1960.

The notice was issued to Mr. Suresh Kumar after carefully examining the details of all the trips made by the officer, the KSEB said.

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