Mahindra hikes prices of its SUVs

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Mahindra has increased the prices for its entire range of SUVs in April 2022 by 2.5%. This is the second price hike introduced by the automaker in the last three months and the new prices came into effect from April 14.

The XUV700 gets a price jump yet again, across all variants, after Mahindra increased it in January 2022. For the petrol-powered variants, the hike lies in the range of ₹ 22,449-71,225, while the hike for the diesel-powered versions is between ₹ 22,117 and ₹ 78,308.

The variants with the highest and lowest price hike were both diesel — the top-spec AX7 AT AWD Luxury 7-seater (at ₹ 78,308), and the MX MT 5-seater (at ₹ 22,449).

Mahindra offers the Thar in two variants — AX (O) and LX — with petrol and diesel engines. Prices of the petrol variants were hiked between ₹ 35,000 and ₹ 44,000; while the entry-level AX (O) MT sees the least jump, the top-spec LX AT Hard top sees the highest.

Meanwhile, the diesel-powered Thar’s prices have been hiked in the range of ₹ 44,000 to ₹ 51,000, with the AX (O) MT Soft top variant getting the smallest hike and the LX AT Hard top the largest.

The prices of the XUV300 sub-compact SUV have also been hiked, with the petrol-powered model seeing an increase of ₹ 25,000 to ₹ 36,000, and the entry-level W4 MT and top-spec W8 O AMT DT seeing the least and the highest jump, respectively.

On the other hand, the diesel-powered XUV300’s jump ranges between ₹ 30,000 and ₹ 40,000; the base W4 MT getting the least hike and the top-spec W8 O AMT DT the highest.

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