Lawyer moves Kerala Bar Council against police


A complaint has been filed before the Bar Council of Kerala seeking to take appropriate legal action against the police officers who leaked privileged communication between lawyers and their clients.

It was moved on Wednesday in the context of reported leaking of calls made by Senior Advocate B. Raman Pillai and actor Dileep’s brother Anoop .

In his complaint, V. Sethunath, a lawyer, said that the police officers had committed an illegality by revealing the communication between the lawyers and their clients to the media and were acting further, treating the privileged communication as an offence.

He said that the police were now taking steps to conduct an inquiry into the privileged communication exchanged between the lawyers and their clients. A privileged professional communication refers to confidential conversations or interactions between two parties who are in a legally recognised protected relationship. Privileged communication is protected by the Indian Evidence Act, 1872. No authority could question or conduct an inquiry into the privileged communication between a lawyer and his/her clients, he contended.

The lawyer also sought a directive to the police officers not to conduct an inquiry into privileged communications.

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