Janakeeya Hotels cater to the poor, disadvantaged



Serving affordable food to the most deserving segment, the ‘Janakeeya Hotels’ run by various Kudumbashree units under the hunger-free city project have caught the wave within a short span of time. The latest records available with the District Kudumbashree Mission attest that these hotels now supply 31,000 meals a day.

As of now, there are 1,106 successful Janakeeya Hotels in different parts of the district. The number is likely to go up soon. They offer meals at ₹20 and ₹25, which is the cheapest rate in the market. The majority of the beneficiaries are lower income groups of labourers, migrant workers, and rough sleepers.

The project became a success in the district with the government subsidy granted to the Joint Liability Groups engaged in the hotel management. This year, the total grant sanctioned by the government for supporting these ventures is ₹8 crore.

Women entrepreneurs working in these hotels say the low-cost food without sacrificing quality has been a dream for many daily-wage workers and migrant labourers. They point out that the entry of these hotel chains has equally helped many self-help groups find a steady income as well. 

Like the poor people, many students and the general public are also the customers of these economy eateries in the district. The preparation of food by women’s groups with the tag of “homely food” comes as the main attraction for them. For the daily-wage workers and migrant labourers, the Janakeeya Hotels are like places to save their daily expenses.

“Migrant workers rarely get food from their work sites as the rigid terms and conditions of the work contract exclude it. With the opening of Janakeeya Hotels, such workers are really happy,” said a Kudumbashree worker from East Hill. She said that contractors who order parcels for their labourers also witnessed an increase with the entry of Janakeeya Hotels.

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