IOC, OCA validate IOA elections, give green signal to P.T. Usha and team


File photo of IOA President P.T. Usha at Parliament House, in New Delhi
| Photo Credit: PTI

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) have validated the newly-elected body of the Indian Olympic Association (IOA) and congratulated the president P.T. Usha and the members.

In a combined communication addressed to the IOA president, from James Macleod and Hussain Al-Musallam, the representatives of IOC and OCA respectively, it was stated that the road ahead was clear for IOA to function in a normal fashion.

“We wish to extend our sincerest congratulations to you on your election as President of the Indian Olympic Association and to all Executive Council members. We are pleased to confirm that as far as the IOC and the OCA are concerned, the situation is now fully normal, and we can resume our regular activities with the IOA”, the letter read.

Both the international bodies also expressed the desire to establish a fruitful collaboration with the newly elected IOA in its mission and daily activities.

“We wish you the very best of success in your new functions and hope we will soon have an opportunity to meet you in person”, the communication to Usha said.

The IOA president PT Usha expressed her happiness about the quick and positive response from IOC and OCA.

“I am pleased to receive the letter from the world and Asian bodies. Our first step is clear and now we can put our focus on working towards the preparation for the Paris Olympics”, Usha said.

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