Small-scale coir units on the warpath


The small-scale coir factory owners in Cherthala and Ambalapuzha taluks are on the warpath demanding government intervention to revive the crisis-ridden coir sector.

The indefinite strike by small-scale manufacturers completed five days on Sunday.

Around 65 societies, encompassing 8,000-odd small-scale coir units, are producing coir doormats and mattings on handlooms in the outskirts of Alappuzha and Cherthala towns.

The small-scale cooperative societies and production units are demanding fresh orders to sustain their business. They allege that the exporters are not notifying orders for traditional coir products with Kerala State Coir Corporation Ltd., the agency for implementation of the Purchase Price Stabilisation Scheme. They also demand an end to the ‘depot system’ (middlemen).

According to trade union leaders and manufacturers, the exporters instead of placing orders with the Coir Corporation are procuring the products from units of their choice with the help of intermediaries. Due to this practice, many small-scale societies are deprived of their share of orders and plunging them into crisis.

As the small-scale units came to a standstill, allied sectors such as coir yarn spinning units started to feel the heat with no takers for their products.

Those taking part in the indefinite strike include members of Kerala State Small-scale Coir Manufacturers Federation (AITUC), Small-scale Coir Factory Association (CITU) and Coir Goods Association (INTUC).

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