Fees for ‘pollution under control’ certificates hiked in Karnataka


In the season of price rise, motorists will have to endure another burden along with expensive fuel. The Transport Department has hiked the fee applicable for ‘pollution under control’ certificates.

The fees for all types of diesel vehicles have been increased by ₹35. Earlier, the emission testing centres charged ₹125 for diesel vehicles, which has now been increased to ₹160. Fees for two-wheelers have been increased from ₹50 to ₹65, while auto owners have to pay ₹75 for the certificate, which was ₹60 earlier. For four-wheelers (Petrol, CNG, LPG), fee has been increased from ₹90 to ₹115.

Transport Commissioner N. Shivakumar said that the fee was revised after receiving requisition from the owners of the emission testing centers. “The fee for pollution under control certificates was earlier revised in 2015. The department has not revised fees for close to six years. The new revised fee order was issued in January,” he said.

Sources said that though the order was issued in January, the new fee structure was introduced recently as it took time to make updates in the system.

The order states that while revising the fee, the department has considered operational costs in running emission testing centres that include rent, internet, electricity charges, printing, and others.

The department has also put several conditions on emission testing owners to run the business that include employing trained staff to test the vehicles, displaying licences, being spacious, and stickers as approved by the department should be pasted on the vehicle after the tests and others.

There are over 1,700 emission testing centres in the State. In the previous financial year, the centres issued certificates for 70 lakh vehicles. The department gets a revenue share of ₹3.25 from each certificate. An official of the department said, “After the amendment to the Motor Vehicles Act, the penalty amount charged for not doing pollution under control certificate is quite high. To avoid paying heavy penalties, the motorists should do regular emission testing.”

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