Digisparsh plans to raise ₹200 crore


The firm said it was already testing some of these booths in some tier-two markets in Central India.

The firm said it was already testing some of these booths in some tier-two markets in Central India.

Digisparsh, a fintech for the health care sector is planning to raise ₹200 crore in two years do meet its investment plans.

“We plan to raise ₹50 crore by this financial year-end and another ₹150 crore in the next year,” said Saurabh Soni, Co-Founder Digisparsh.

He said in the past, the firm had raised a seed round from GoAhead Ventures.

The firm is planning to work with the government, and municipal corporations in setting up digital, hop in hop out medical booths which are extensively famous all over Europe.

“A customer will enter this booth, enter his/her identification data, and get his/her vitals checked through a device/nurse. The data will then be sent to a telehealth service provider where they can get a consultation, get funds if needed in the same booth, or walk to the nearest registered hospital/pharmacy/bank to receive further assistance in case of critical ailments,” he said.

The firm said it was already testing some of these booths in some tier-two markets in Central India.

Setting up these FinHealthTech booths in rural India will help to ensure further penetration of healthcare services, he said.

“We are keen to partner with telecom operators, NBFCs to set up these booths. Only such efforts combined with tech and innovation, across three different ecosystems will help to further improve the affordability and accessibility of healthcare services in India,” he said.

The firm offers lending products including insurance receivable financing, supplier financing and patient financing to the entire value chain of the healthcare ecosystem. 

This includes patients, hospitals and suppliers.

“We believe everyone should have the right to avail funds 24/7 for medical emergencies and hence, launching an end to end digital solution that a customer can access at any time is important,” Mr Soni said. 

“DigiSparsh solves this core problem that we face today and makes sure that no one ever will have to make a choice between life & money,” he added.

The firm said it has developed a digital platform that provides access to all kinds of medical loans by connecting with patients through health aggregators and hospitals.

It said it plans to be India’s first healthcare neo bank in the future. This means having a zero branch, a digital bank focused exclusively on the health and medical industry.

It also has plans to become the biggest financial service provider for the healthcare sector and to achieve its objectives through a partnership model.

“We aim to tie up with health care aggregators who in turn will help us to on-board hospitals, suppliers, and patients and connect them to lenders, with the right products to ensure timely access to funds,” Mr Soni said.

So far it has on boarded over 200 hospitals directly and through aggregators, during the pandemic years disbursed more than ₹2.6 crore loan.

Some of its partners include Practo, Ayu, Glamyo, Nict, We Assist, Bima Garage, Xpertcure, Medfin, Pelvitic, Biddano and Ziffy. Our lending partners are Liqui Loans & Thar Finance.

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