CBSE Class 12 Term-II exams: Last minute preparation tips for core subjects


The Board Examinations are nigh and all students are now in the revision mode as only a week is left for class 12 examinations to begin. At this time, it is important for examinees to keep themselves calm and composed while revising and not panic at the prospect of the topics/ chapters waiting to be covered. 

Of course, they must not leave any portion unprepared, uncovered. A thorough reading of all chapters and the basic NCERT books coverage in most subjects is essential. Regularly practicing sample papers is important to get a complete and holistic conceptual understanding and develop analytical skills to attempt and solve questions in a proper and correct manner. Attempting mixed-bag questions certainly helps in training the mind for the examination.

Revising with the help of your own notes also leads to a better and more comprehensive understanding of different chapters of various subjects. It also results in the development of a systematic framework and logical flow of answer writing that increases the possibility of scoring better marks.  Clarity and precision are required for answering the questions; so understanding the demand of the question and answering what has been asked is also important from the point of view of scoring well.

Giving equal importance to all the subjects is also the need of the hour. So, dividing your time suitably for all subjects/ topics instead of focusing only on a couple of subjects is recommended. Certain subjects can be studied at a time of the day when your mind is exhausted after a day’s work; hence their revision can be scheduled accordingly.

It is suggested that the students make a proper routine and give themselves the time to have a proper and balanced meal, sufficient sleep and relaxation as well. Late-night studies do upset the biological clock, which needs to be set in a way that your brain works its best during examination hours. Keep oneself healthy; wearing your mask and taking all other precautions such as scheduled vaccination, sanitising etc. seriously is also important.

In the end, rote learning does not work so focus on a detailed understanding and application of knowledge for all the subjects.

Do practice sample papers In the prescribed time limit to help you gain confidence in writing and presenting the paper the way it needs to be written for the examiner and the examination. Remember, legible handwriting and proper numbering of questions answered is also of significance. There needs to be a balance of speed and accuracy; so do manage your time efficiently and effectively.

(The author is the Principal at DPS Indirapuram)

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