CBSE Class 10 boards 2022: Follow these last minute revision tips to score high marks


The Central Board of Seconday Education (CBSE) will conduct the class 10 term-II board exams from April 26 onwards. With less than a week for the exam, students often get anxious about their preparation. 

Not to mention the difficult circumstances of lockdowns, quarantines, ill health and personal losses which our students have seen in the past two years. To help the students be better prepared for their board exams, it is our duty to remind them about some commonplace but valuable points: –

– The reading time must be used optimally Read and comprehend each question, trying to understand what the question expects you to answer. Words like enlist, illustrate, reason, explain or enumerate should be highlighted as that is where students miss out. Reading time is an essential time period that students can use to think about the answer structure and how they are going to write the answer so that it is clear from the beginning and the answer attempting time is not wasted.

– Answer as per the weightage of the question and not according to what you know. A low marks weightage means that not more than a few words & 1-2 sentences, is all that it takes to answer. Students should not over-explain, over-elaborate and overemphasise on short answer questions as it results in time killing and time for long mark questions is squandered.

– Do keep time to revise. Although for most students, revision seems to be a hurried activity and an optional one. Yet revisiting what you’ve written has often saved many. At times, we have overlooked a question or a sub-part of that question. If you keep 10 minutes to revise, you’ll be able to save yourself from the so-called silly mistakes. Revisions should not be overlooked or ignored as it helps students in being more confident about the answers and saves them from making inane gaffes that can be easily corrected.

– Keep your handwriting neat and legible. The person checking your paper also has limited patience. Be empathetic to his/her sensibilities and do not expect that they’ll spend a longer than necessary time deciphering what you’ve written. Neat and easily understandable writing gets you good marks. Also, write lucid answers because they project your mind clarity and hold over your knowledge which makes a good impression on the examiner.

– Class 10 Board exam is such that average students will do well. So trust your preparation and write with confidence. Do not get overconfident and do not sell yourself short. It is very important to believe in yourself and your abilities so that it is highlighted in your answers as well. Always have a go-getter mindset and do not get bogged down by pressures and expectations. Perform to the best of your capabilities but do not swim too hard that you collapse. Choose to keep a growth-oriented mindset.

(The author is Principal, Pacific World School at Greater Noida)  

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