Anomaly alleged in grant of certificates by CU faculty



Students, who graduate in Mass Communication and Journalism from the University of Calicut, are being given their certificates by the Faculty of Humanities, not the Faculty of Journalism.

The Undergraduate Board of Studies (Journalism) of the university has reportedly decided to bring this to the attention of the university authorities. The issue was highlighted by Syndicate member P. Rasheed Ahammed during the recent academic council meeting. However, he claimed that the university authorities did not have a proper answer.

In a letter to the Vice-Chancellor, Mr. Ahammed said that the Faculty of Journalism was set up in 1978. Those who passed B.A. in Mass Communication were given degree certificates by the Faculty of Humanities ever since. “Issuing certificates to students of a particular faculty by another faculty is a weird practice, which may seriously affect the future of students who completed the programme,” Mr. Ahammed.

He urged the Vice-Chancellor to ensure that the undergraduate students got their certificates from the Faculty of Journalism. The erroneously issued certificates should be corrected. A detailed inquiry should be conducted into the circumstances that led to such a practice and why it was still in vogue. Mr. Ahammed also sought action against those who were responsible for it.

Senior officials in the university, however, said it was not clear if the practice would affect the job prospects of students.

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