Adobe Introduces for Creative Cloud, updates for After Effects and Premiere Pro


Adobe is adding its video collaboration platform ‘’ to its Creative Cloud subscription. It has also released updated versions for After Effects and Premiere Pro, including native M1 chipset support for After Effects on macOS.

With the introduction of for Creative Cloud, all the video editors, producers, agencies and clients will now be able to collaborate seamlessly while using the cloud space. This is an integrated review and approval workflow for post-production, allowing editors to get the final approval in a comparatively quicker and easier fashion.

As Adobe explained in a blog post, one can simple share a link to their video or composition with their team, client or any other reviewers, who can then comment and draw on the video. The editors will see their time-stamped feedback directly in on the timeline.

Adobe is also adding 100GB of dedicated storage to its Creative Cloud Suite. Subscribers also gets access to Camera to Cloud, which takes files right off one’s camera and puts them in the cloud as soon as the recording stops.
Content creators will also be able to work on over 5 projects simultaneously while staying connected with each other through remote collaboration.

The latest update of After Effects brings support for M1-based Apple MacBooks.  With Adobe Sensei running on the latest AI and machine learning, Adobe has also made it easier to detect the edited scene, layer and marker in After Effects. The new Extended Viewer also enables users to look, monitor and move layers in both 2D and 3D modes.

The newly updated Adobe Premiere Pro comes with an additional inclusion of thousands of Adobe Stock Assets in terms of stock footages, videos and images. While the company has specifically focussed on a faster Import function, the header bar now looks cleaner and enables quick switching of import, export and edit tabs.

The latest update allows easy upload of edited files to popular websites like YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. Adobe has also introduced an auto color option wherein colour correction, skin tone adjustments and sky adjustments can be accommodated.

Starting today, for Creative Cloud will be pre-installed with Premiere Pro and After Effects. Pre-existing Creative Cloud customers can log into from within Premiere Pro or After Effects using their Adobe ID.

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